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Mike is not offering online private instruction or classes until further notice. Slots may possibly open up this summer.  

Mikes (VOD) Vimeo Instructional Video lessons are very inexpensive, contain the main two RK Systems, a killer Coordination Class and a basic course on hand/foot/body technique. The basic" course does not delve deeply into hand or foot pedal techniques.

- Class times listed below will show up in YOUR time zone, while automatically sent confirmation emails will be in Eastern USA time.

Your AUDIO “Settings":

- Enable Original Sound (This is Step 1 of 2)
- Turn Stereo Audio Button to on
- Turn off Noise 
- Step 2 of 2: WHEN ENTERING THE CLASS: Turn on “ORIGNAL SOUND” in your live screen.

What kinds of things are worked on in the lessons? Mike will listen to YOU say what you want to work on.

All Sales are final, but Mike will set time side for a make up period if something fails on his end.


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