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-Coordination - Learn it Correctly
-This SATURDAY, March 27, 11AM EDT.

Mike Mangini℠ Zoom Classes use his state of the art Audio/Video/Steaming & Recording studio and are fueled by his extensive “lab” oriented teaching techniques he used at the Berklee College of Music that accelerates each participant’s learning by witnessing Mike solving every participants issues for all to see so all learn how to solve problems on their own.



1) Register ****carefully with correct email and Zoom name.
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3) Receive confirmation email and follow instructions.
4) Prepare (see right column.)
5) The ADMIN Zoom email is ONLY for emergencies with paid registrants who entered the incorrect Zoom credentials and won
t be admitted. they are interns that change and are not on call, but will respond ASAP to help. They will not fwd. any emails and only deal with class emergencies. Please do not use Zoom emails for any other reason.

Before entering the class, ENABLE “Orignal Sound” in your Zoom settings AND TURN IT ON before or when you enter the class, or Mike will not be able to properly hear you.  Per the Terms of Agreement, no recording of any kind is allowed. The content is the intellectual property of Mike Mangini TM.

All times are EDT.  [USA East Coast 24 hr Time.] All Sales are FINAL.

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