Practice makes perfect ...if you do it right! It's easy when you know HOW, WHY, and WHAT to practice. Welcome, musicians and teachers of ALL instruments, to the new! Here you will find out how Mike Mangini created this amazing learning system, and applied it to become one of the greatest drummers ever! Please read below, enjoy your visit, and do come back!

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Rhythm Knowledge

       Have you ever seen a musician perform musical feats that you thought were impossible? (If you’ve seen Mike Mangini perform live, then you’ll likely answer “Yes” to that question.)

       If you’re visiting this site, then you are very likely a musician, and a drummer at that! You see these amazing players live, or you watch them on web videos, and wonder, “Can I – or will I – ever get anywhere NEAR their level?”

       We all have felt that way! All of us have our musical heroes – people who have reached heights that “mere mortals” can only dream of. When watching them, some of us just laugh, get discouraged, and want to give up! Whereas others (like me) are constantly inspired by such virtuosity, and will never give up until we have attained some measure of it!

       The key is just playing hours and hours every day of your life, right? Well, while that may help, there’s more to it than that. …MUCH more. Time is not enough. To reach the heights of a player like Mike, you absolutely must know HOW, WHY, and WHAT to practice.

       Thus, Rhythm Knowledge was created. This is a practice-management system that Mike Mangini developed out of necessity. It came from a compilation of about 30 years of practice and performance.

       With this one-of-a-kind system, Mike has worked with some of the greatest bands and musicians in the world (Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator, and now, the modern-day kings of progressive metal, Dream Theater). Also, he recently enjoyed a few years of teaching future stars at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

       None of this would have been possible for Mike had he not developed such a deep, rich, and practical system in Rhythm Knowledge. Thus far, he has created and released two books and two corresponding CDs for RK:

              1.) Volume One: It’s Easy When You Know HOW. This volume shows you how your whole life affects your music, and helps you to make sure that the effective is POSITIVE.

              2.) Volume Two: It’s Easy When You Know WHAT. This one presents a series of exercises that have helped propel Mike Mangini to his current levels. He’s done all the homework for you already, and put it in this priceless collection of exercises, that will benefit ANY musician, regardless of instrument choice.

       Please browse this site, especially the sections under “How It Works,” so you can get a more thorough understanding of how you’ll benefit. Even if your desire is not to become a virtuoso player who can musically apply 9 notes over 5 within the same time space, you WILL benefit. RK is very open-ended, and simply gives you the knowledge to gain musical freedom.

       Thank you for visiting, and come back!

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